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shaadidating is the pole position ‘dating’ website for Christian Asian singles looking for dating and romantic love. We understand that people are not products and romance requires real, not online pretend chemistry. That is why we offer a comprehensive online service to help singles, or their parents, look at what’s on offer, arrange meetings with candidates – and ultimately be better placed to find Mr or Mrs Right. For love every day, not just the wedding day!

Browse through the profiles on this website and see what you think. Then set up your own profile and begin your romance adventure! Thousands of people have been signing up to shaadidating to find their lovebird. Don’t miss out, join us today!

Let’s get started – sign up to the site today and begin this journey of discovery as you take a step closer to finding the right him or her.

Why shaadidating?

Members of shaadidating come from similar Asian backgrounds. Often they’re from Pakistan or India. All of them respect the Christian faith and all of them want to get married in the end – but only to the right choice. Sometimes after going on a few dates, too.

That’s why joining shaadidating makes sense – you’ll meet someone entirely suited to your own taste. Thousands of Asian singles have been signing up, so you can be sure to meet the right one . . . but only IF you sign up too!

Will it work?

Everyone signed up to shaadidating wants to have dating fun. But they also want to meet the right him or her. It’s authentic, it’s cost effective and it’s working for many  men and women via this frontline dating website. Don’t let your worries get in the way of finding ‘the one’. Create a profile and begin dating today!


For parents

It can be a worry for parents finding the best candidate for a son or daughter. There’s no rush. shaadidating gives space and opportunities for you to review site members, contact them and arrange safe meetings. This site represents THE best forum for your son or daughter to source the right choice with your help. So work with them to create an easy-to-set up profile and being the dating quest today!

We’re always around

If you have any questions, contact us via email or phone@@. You can also get in touch via Twitter and Facebook with any queries. Don’t forget that this site is mobile friendly – just download a shaadidating app today. Then begin the dating search at your own leisure!

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